Fraud and Safety

Don't be a victim! Avoid being scammed on

Do not be a victim, watch out for potential scammers. Check out these important tips to avoid being scammed:

Are you are selling an Item on lakzle?

Do not share your personal information with anyone - even if they claim they are from

The only email account uses for customer support is info/

Are you are selling your car on lakzle?

Never reply to an SMS with your credit card information. will never send an SMS asking for your personal information

Never respond to any email claiming to represent concerning your ads except for

The only email account lakzle uses for customer support is

Are you are buying a car on lakzle?

Never send money to anyone inside the country unless you see the actual car and meet the owner

Are you looking for your next home on lakzle?

Always ask the agent for their National ID card /company ID card in Sri Lanka

If it is a landlord, make sure they have the original title deed of the property to ensure it is in fact registered under his/her name or you can contact the Land Registry Sri Lanka

If it is someone on behalf of the landlord, make sure they have a power of attorney

Always register the tenancy contract through lawyer if you required.

What should you do if you suspect a scam?

If you suspect you have been scammed don't hesitate to contact our support team immediately through the contact us form.

Our support team will then delete the scam ad and block the user’s account.

Stay safe & happy lakzlin!

Phishing Attempt: is this an email that I received from lakzle?

If you have posted an ad on lakzle we will send you a small number of emails to keep you updated on the status of your ad. Sometimes you may receive an email that looks like it is from lakzle but you aren't sure.

Spoof / Phishing emails are fake emails made to look like they’ve been sent by a legitimate company. They trick people into either replying or clicking a link to reveal confidential information like bank account details or account email and passwords.

How to spot a spoof email

Urgency required to act on an ad or account status: Often spoof emails threaten you with removing your ad, account blocking or restrict your website access unless you reconfirm your account details. We would never do this!

Sender’s email address: Email addresses are easily forged, so never assume the address that appears in the ‘From’ line is real. Just because it says the email is from or doesn't mean it really is.

Links to a fake website requesting personal information: The spoof email usually contains a link to a fake website that looks like the lakzle site. One way to tell if they are fake is by looking at the URL (see example below). Legitimate lakzle pages will always be on , or

Fake websites examples are as follows , , Fake websites always ask for sensitive information, such as your credit card details, account name, email address or password to ‘confirm’ or ‘verify’ or ‘reactivate’ your status. Never follow instructions on such sites.

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